MEET 22|44

Founded by two amazing women, Brittany Garber and Ruthie Fuller, TwentyTwo|FortyFour is a lifestyle brand dedicated to bridging the gap between unique quality products and a socially responsible culture. Besides being the sweetest and most welcoming group they are extremely talented and passionate about what they do. We had the opportunity to spend some time with the dynamic duo and learn a little more about them.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.
22|44 was founded with the intent to cultivate more goodness and beauty in the world. We have a passion for creating–creating beautiful products, creating community, creating change. We hope to initiate a shift in our society–one that restores hope and ignites opportunity through the products we make, events we host, and partnerships we foster.

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Brit and Rue.
Well….there is no typical. We both work full‐time jobs, so week nights and weekends are a combination of coffee…hussle…coffee…balancing the business, our community, and finding time for rest.

Where do you find inspiration?
Our main inspirations usually come from the people we’re surrounded by and the creatives we admire from afar through various social media platforms. Together, we’re very intuitive so a lot of our design work comes from our personal taste and mood(s) swings.


How do you make time for creativity and collaboration?
We’re still working on this. We wish we had more time, but in general we try to live a lifestyle that embodies creativity and collaboration in the day‐to‐day. We see a lot of friendships as an opportunity for collaboration and encouraging personal growth.

What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started?
One of the best pieces of advice we received early on was to just start doing. Start with one thing, and do it. It’s also imperative to surround yourself with a support team that will encourage and speak truth into you and your work along the way.

You wear many creative hats–do you have a favorite? 
We don’t play favorites, however we do play least favorites. Specifically, we don’t enjoy accounting, fabric sourcing (sourcing attractive sustainable fabrics is no joke), social media, technical design, and writing.

How important is it for you to give back to the community?
This is crucial to our brand. 22|44 is a business that has been supported and carried by our community. We hope to continue to create a business that is known for its generosity and inclusiveness.

What keeps you motivated and making?
We’re dreamers and doers. We are passionate about using our talents and skills to raise awareness for the issue of human trafficking and there’s much work to be done. Can’t stop, won’t stop.