Hi. I’m Olivia.

I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with art and design always being a part of my life. My interests led me to study interior design at the University of Cincinnati. I always believed that if I learned how spatial, graphic, and industrial design functioned together it would be easier to go back and understand each individually. After 5 years of school, 18 months of internships, and a slew of personal projects I went out into the world. I’ve had the privilege to work with architects, interior designers, event producers and marketing masterminds. My broad range of experience influenced my approach and allowed me to realize early on that all forms of design are closely intertwined. My goal has always been to create work that easily translates, expands, and adapts across multiple platforms. It was this passion that inspired me to go back to school for an M.F.A in Communication Design at Harrington College of Design. I’m about done with my program. After 3 years of studying and working as a full time Senior Art Director I’m ready to move on to the next big thing and for me that is Saturate.

When we embarked on this journey we focused around creating a new, innovative and experiential art gallery in the city of Chicago. We based our reasoning on social, cultural, and technological changes that effect how we live our lives today. Our goal was to develop a forum for bold art and design–a place where the community could engage with the contemporary art scene. After all of our surveys, research, conversations, and case studies we determined that we need to do much more then just rethink the art museum and gallery experience. We learned that there is a lack of cross disciplinary opportunities. People want a strong, flexible platform for collaboration and blending of backgrounds. We saw the chance to look further and give the public what they are looking for–a community.

Saturate is a lifestyle, one that most of us lead. We are all inspired by different things that surround us–a delicious dinner, a catchy new song, an amazing mural, or a screen printing workshop that your friend made you sign up for. Our goal is to engage, inspire, and connect the broad, diverse, and amazing creative community we have here in Chicago. Saturate is meant to bring us all together. We want to reach out across disciplines and help join people that might have never thought of being in the same room. We don’t care if you are creative everyday or once a year, a chef or a photographer, work in the creative industry or just dream about it. We want you to join us and make sure to bring all of your friends. The more the merrier.

Our intention is to create a platform online and off, to help start a conversation and just have a good time discovering different possibilities. As we continue to grow we are looking to host workshops, gallery events, dinners, lectures, and much more. We need your help to make this a possibility. So please reach out. I love meeting new people, coffee dates, and my latest obsession is ramen.

Looking forward to meeting you. Cheers.