Lura is one of those people that lights up a room with smiles and laughter. She has a wonderful ability to balance business with fun and both translate into her work seamlessly. We love being able to see what she comes up with next because honestly you just never know. Her ability to jump mediums smoothly allows for constant exploration which just leaves us wanting to see more. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I'm an art director by day, but on the off days, I try to experiment with a bunch of different mediums. I dabble in photography, paint robots on canvases or shoes, play around with motion (cinemagraphs, specifically) & try to get my hands dirty as much as possible (mud, paint, whatever). Ha, so really I'm a 5 year old when I'm not at work.

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Lura.

It's different every day! At least, I try to make it that way. There are so many options of things all the time, that it helps to try and do one new or fun thing a week. A typical Saturday might have an hiking adventure in a forest, followed by editing some photos, or going to an estate sale to find some doors that need to be painted. 


Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere and anywhere. I definitely use the internet as a source of inspiration, since it's connected to almost every single artist in the world. I've found some gems and it's always inspiring to see what other people are doing. I'm also a huge fan of getting lost in the woods and observing nature as a source of inspiration. There's nothing more gorgeous than seeing something new for the first time. That's the inspiration.

How do you make time for creativity and collaboration?

I try to make time for it every week, even if it's just a little photo that only goes up on Instagram or VSCO. Playing around with little things like that help me to move forward with some of my bigger personal projects, like collaging or painting or a different photo series that I play around with. 

What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started?

Start with something that sounds fun. Metal working? Do it. Bungee jumping? Why not? The only person stopping you from doing cool shit is yourself (Can I swear? Oh well. Hah). Do one of those crazy wine n' paint sessions, even if you think you suck. Go to free classes offered by different studios. There are a lot of ways to find like-minded people who will help you push to find something that you enjoy. 


You wear many creative hats–do you have a favorite?

I've always been a fan of the digital-world. GIFs, social content, video. I'm trying to get more skilled with those but they're definitely some of my favorite things at the moment.

Does having a full time job as an Art Director drain your creativity or fuel it?

I'll be honest, there are days when I get home from work and I just want to stare at a blank wall because I know it won't move or have feedback for me. That's part of being in the creative industry, there's going to be an ebb and flow for inspiration. You can't force it, I mean, you can try all you want but sometimes it just isn't there and forcing it isn't necessarily going to make great work. There's going to be days where you just aren't feeling anything, but you need to take the time to relax and nurture what you've got (and read a book or go outside) and there's going to be days where you feel a fire under your ass and you must create a thing that will become something!

If you could live the life of another creative, for a day, who would it be and why?

Oh man. I've dreamed of being a cake decorator. Back in the day, I'd watch the Food Network all the time and be in awe of the sculptures that they could make out of sugar & icing. Also, whittling.

Photography by Mike Killion and Lura Meisch